File-sharing crackdown criticised for ‘lack of detail’ – ZDNet.co.uk

File-sharing crackdown criticised for ‘lack of detail’ – ZDNet.co.uk.

Its funny how the human right issues are extremely difficult, so the govt. are just going to ignore them. It sickens me that we the digital economy bill basically favours the music/film industry and we as tax payers are the ones footing the bill for them to disconnect us if we share media.

-All that will happen is that a few people will be disconnected then there be a media frenzy about the govt. disconnecting innocent people from the net then the govt. will climb down and re-think as it will see a massive backlash from parents who are being disconected because of their children. At then same time new tech will emerge that will avoid the measures introduced to catch the file sharers (ie VPN, encryption etc) an unless the govt force the ISPs to invest in supercomputers to brute force all the encrypted packets of the entire internet (hmmm) then this will only put off a few people.

All people have to do is maintain that there network was not protected at the time of the alleged offence and then there is no case. There are also rumours of P2P botnet clouds forming where people willingly join to allow file sharing, this will be incredibly difficult to trace and even more difficuly to prosecute as the program is basically a virus.


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