Doublethink – The Digital Economy Bill against the digital economy

Doublethink – The Digital Economy Bill against the digital economy.

So they they think they can stop file sharing egh? People will just start to use:



As it states in the article people will just use encryption and VPNs to avoid being caught. It took the FBI and the guaardia civil 3 months to trace an open connection to a command server for the butterfly botnet so how are the ISPs going to track and trace a fully encypted VPN connection.

The dawn of free piracy is over. Now you need to pay 3.75 (euro) a month  or 45.00 (euro) a yeaer to cover your back. No too bad. I would rather pay that and be secure than buy 3 blu0rays for the same price.

Google should make a new branch called google secure and set up free to use VPNs based in Sweden as the service could basically be a Swedish broadband subscription offered over the Internet. This means that the legal framework mainly consists of the The Electronic Communications Act 2003 389.

What will this mean if:

· Swedish authorities or,
· Other organization or individuals demands access to information protected by Google secure?

Google secure could enjoy the strongest legal protection possible under Swedish Law because of the service type (pre-paid flat-rate service). This means that Google secure do not have to keep an ordinary customer database (to be able handle transactions etc.). This is of importance if forced to hand over information.


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